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Viraj Padte's JetsonBot
Viraj Padte from Oklahoma has been working on building a JetsonBot based on the articles posted on JetsonHacks. Background Viraj has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. Viraj […]
Jared Langbart from Columbia, Missouri has been working on building a JetsonBot based on the articles posted on JetsonHacks. Background Jared has a degree in Biotechnology and enjoys his work […]
The ability to play sound on a robotic platform provides an interesting dimension of interactivity. Looky here: Installation The addition of sound to a robot provides a wide variety of […]
It is simple to perform a battery upgrade of the Create 2 battery on the JetsonBot. Looky here: Battery Discussion To extend the operating time of the iRobot Create 2 […]
So far for networking the JetsonBot we’ve been relying on an existing wireless network for communication between the JetsonBot and the Robot Operating Center (ROC). However, there are times when […]
An area of great improvement in the mobile device field over the last several years has been speech recognition. In part, this is due to advances in speech recognition algorithms, […]
The JetsonBot has companion software called the Robot Operating Center (ROC) which is run on a separate computer. The ROC can be run on a traditional laptop or desktop PC, […]
In the first prototype of the JetsonBot, there were two ‘duck’ antennas connected to an Intel 7260 Wireless/BT NIC card installed on the Jetson TK1, which were then taped to […]
The first autonomous demonstration of the JetsonBot shows autonomous following behavior. Looky here: Background In most science fiction settings, robots are autonomous. The most famous movie robots all operate on […]
Teleoperation can be thought of as operating a machine at a distance, similar to the term “remote control”. Let’s look at what it takes to control a JetsonBot with a […]


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