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Install ROS on JetsonBot
The software that runs on the JetsonBot Jetson TK1, we will call ‘JetsonBot Robot Software’. Any software that runs remotely from the robots’ Jetson, we will consider to be part […]
The iRobot Create 2 base interfaces with the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 via a serial to USB FTDI converter. Unfortunately, under Linux for Tegra (L4T) release 21.4 the USB FTDI module […]
After taking the JetsonBot out for a demo test drive, it was time for a brief discussion of next steps. Looky here: With the acquisition of some 1/4″ ABS 12.5″ […]
In the previous article, JetsonBot Part II – A Vision Robot with a Create 2 base, two platforms were built to hold the Jetson TK1 and a RGBD camera. Now […]
It has been a while since the first entry in this series, Jetson TK1 Create 2 Robot – Part I. Several reasons (maybe excuses is a better term) for that, […]
Decided to start a little project here, with the goal of creating an inexpensive vision base robot using the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 and the iRobot Create 2 base. The first […]


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