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Viraj Padte’s JetsonBot – Research Platform

Viraj Padte from Oklahoma has been working on building a JetsonBot based on the articles posted on JetsonHacks.


Viraj has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. Viraj has an interesting motivation for building a JetsonBot. Viraj states, “I choose to make the JetsonBot in order to learn to utilize the NVIDIA Tegra Kepler architecture for performing fast image computation for path planning and decision-making in mobile robots.”

Money quote:

The major obstacle for me is learning ROS. I was completely a newbie to ROS and took a lot of time in figuring installation and configuration. The videos made by Jetsonhacks proved to be extremely useful in the learning process.


Here is Viraj Padte’s JetsonBot:

Viraj Padte's JetsonBot
Viraj Padte’s JetsonBot

Testing the Jetson with an attached battery pack:

Viraj Padte's JetsonBot - Battery Test
Viraj Padte’s JetsonBot – Battery Test

This one warms the heart, a happy fire extinguisher and batteries being charged. This is better than ten cute kitten pictures:

Viraj Padte's JetsonBot - Charging the Battery
Viraj Padte’s JetsonBot – Charging the Battery

Going Forward

Viraj plans to extend the capabilities of the JetsonBot by adding a Velodyne LIDAR sensor for improved path planning and autonomous navigation tasks. That capability will certainly take the JetsonBot to the next level!


I want to thank Viraj for sharing his work with the JetsonHacks community, hopefully this will provide some inspiration for other Makers out there. If you have a JetsonBot or other Jetson based project build you would like to share, send in an email!


2 Responses

  1. Saw your youtube videos on youtube with the create 2 robot and jetson. Was wondering if you have a kit that can be purchased including the two round shelves for create 2 and the standoffs? If not would pay you to make me up a set. I am not real good at making these items and don’t have the tools to make them. Looking forward to hearing from you. Rick Bonari

    1. Hi Rick,
      I’m sorry I don’t have a kit available. The standoffs are easy to get, they’re from McMaster Carr –
      The rounds are available from various places, but I just had mine made up at a local plastics shop.
      Probably a better alternative if you don’t have the necessary capabilities is this:
      It has a better robotic base than the Create 2 (It is faster and has a built in IMU for SLAM), and is an approved TurtleBot design. It costs a little more than making your own (maybe $100) but I think represents a better investment if you’re not interested in learning how to actually build one. Thanks for reading!

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