Developing on NVIDIA® Jetson™ for AI on the Edge

When I first started JetsonHacks in 2014, I thought it might appeal to a small group of developers working on an exciting new embedded device, the NVIDIA Jetson Developer Kit.

I was wrong. The number of Jetson developers has grown into the tens of thousands over the ensuing years. After a few million blog pages views and a couple of million YouTube videos views, I think we might be on to something here!

One discovery I found very surprising is that people having been asking for a donate button! I have two theories about this. First, some people are very nice, kind and generous. They want to donate to me for sharing some of my experience and knowledge on the site. They know there is a lot of work here, and are happy to further the cause to make the site even better.

I also believe that there is a second group of people who want to see me work harder, make better content, and generally try to drive the site to even greater heights. Just being honest, if you think that you can make me work harder, then you’re pretty much shooting spitballs at a battleship. However, I think we can have better content! A donation helps in a bunch of ways.

In either case, the end result is the same. Here it is, the donate button!

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