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JetsonBot Part 13 – Sound – Vision Robot with a Create 2 Base

The ability to play sound on a robotic platform provides an interesting dimension of interactivity. Looky here:


The addition of sound to a robot provides a wide variety of possibilities to expand the level of interactivity of the device. Fortunately this is easy to add to the JetsonBot. The design decision here is to add USB powered speakers to the JetsonBot platform. There are a wide variety of these types of speakers available on the market, several of which are both compact in size and inexpensive. In the video, GOgroove CRS Compact USB Powered Computer Speakers were mounted on the underside of the lower platform. The speakers are small in size, and easy to mount.

The speakers were mounted using 3M Dual Lock tape, but there are a variety of different mounting options that can be used.

As an added bonus, the first attempt at taming the JetsonBot wiring is shown. This uses 4-Inch Cable Ties and some transparent shipping tape. This is a good solution for temporary or semi-permanent installation, but for longer term usage different fastening methods will prove sturdier.

The next step? Software to play sounds using the ROS sound_play node.


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