72 Hour Self Driving Car Challenge

Let’s say that you are tired of fiddling around with scale cars and the idea of being confined where your car drives. Break out of that rut with during a long weekend in Brisbane, Australia!

In the 72 hour challenge you will build a full size self-driving car from scratch!

Sound like fun? Here’s the the overview:

This February 16-18, we’re hosting 5 teams to build a real self driving car based on the Jetson on our 300 acre test site.

We have built the event to give you:

  • skills: to build a real self driving car from scratch
  • portfolio: a project summary: video, source repo and diagrams that you can include in your portfolio.
  • connections: work alongside students, academics, industry, and the startup community.

Our major supporters include: TomCar, Ethereal Capital, Baraja Lidar and Blackbird Ventures.

Event is hosted on a farm near Brisbane, Australia

Real cars, real fun, real danger! Hands on state of the art work. Apply now and get ready for some fun!

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