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JetsonHacks Update April, 2023

Finally starting to feel like Spring around here! A few updates in JetsonHacks land.

Jetson Orin Series Expansion Header Pinouts

The Expansion Header Pinout for the Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit and Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit are now on JetsonHacks! Many developers have found these types of pinouts useful over the years. They include not only the pins and their intended use, but also the Linux GPIO number. Also included are the PWM addresses if the device tree is set up appropriately.

Jetson Orin Nano Now Shipping!

We are starting to see the first Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kits out in the wild. They are available through the usual NVIDIA Jetson Distributor network, and Amazon.

NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit on Amazon:

You’ll need a 64GB micro SD card too. For example the Samsung EVO 64 GB micro SD card:

Also available at other NVIDIA distributors:

  • Arrow
  • Siliconhighwaydirect
  • Sparkfun
  • Seeed Studios

What’s with the ChatGPT Stuff?

You probably noticed the most recent article on JetsonHacks, ChatGPT – 4 Useful Insights. It’s about what ChatGPT actually is, and not what it is portrayed to be out in the world. There’s some useful bits about how you can use it to leverage some of your routine tasks, and how you might go about making a business plan. Good stuff!

Media hype is real! The difficult part at this stage is separating the wheat from the chaff. You’ve probably been flooded with the “Here’s 10 perfect prompts” and “How to make a quadzillion dollars in just 47.573 seconds with ChatGPT” videos and articles. All this about a research prototype that is more than likely to be unrecognizable in another years time.

I’ve been assured that if I don’t learn ChatGPT I will be left behind. To be clear, that would be great for me. It’d get me out of all the nonsense and noise.

A lot of the true value of ChatGPT to me is almost the opposite of what is being promised. According to the noise, a major premise of ChatGPT is that it will take over all of the more mundane tasks (and jobs). That may be true. However, clever people like us recognize that it can do something quite different. It can make us work harder and smarter.

Sure, we’ll offload some of the “busy” work. On the other side of that, ChatGPT can ask us all the questions so that we can train ourselves to get better outcomes. In everything.

Socratic Method

Life is a balance. If we fully think through major decisions, we have a much better chance in achieving the outcome, build the system or complete the goal we want. Most professional schools use what is called a “Socratic Dialog” to train their students to think. Instead of lectures, the professors ask questions. Here’s a famous movie scene about how a law professor uses this method:

What does this have to do with ChatGPT or us? It’s a straightforward idea. In addition to asking ChatGPT to do tasks, we can ask it to have a dialog with us. Let’s say I want to start an online business. I can ask ChatGPT to have a Socratic Dialog with me to help me think through all the ramifications of the task at hand.

How does that all tie into Jetson development? I believe it does in a couple of ways. Of course, you can use it to help you code and document projects. But it can also help you think through how to build projects you’re working on. What are the alternatives, different ways to do things? Remember, the purpose of the questions is to teach you how to think about the subjects you are learning, or are refreshing in familiarity.

This is the Way

Through out my most of my life, there have been little green puppets that are culturally significant. First it was Kermit the Frog, then Yoda. The latest is one called Din Grogu. The last one is on a show which has the catch phrase “This is the Way”.

So it is with ChatGPT. Some people will chase the low hanging fruit and not understand the forces behind that. When a new technology arrives on the scene, there are usually arbitrage opportunities available for a short amount of time. These don’t last long, as there’s no real value add there.

You’ll see these as articles and videos like “Make $200,000 in 20 hours using ChatGPT”. There’s some story about how you might use ChatGPT to write an ebook about “wellness” or some such subject that you print on demand. No real value add from the “author”, no investment, just some prompts, then format it and send it to a remote printer.

It may be possible to make some money doing this for a while. However, soon enough the market will squash it. After all, who wants to read something like that? Or why would they bother to buy it when they can generate it themselves for free?

On the other hand, ChatGPT can prepare you to create or build. Because you have been trained yourself to build and create using ChatGPT as your counselor. Here’s why that could be a game changer.

Typically you have to have an instructor or be in a group of people to practice the Socratic method. Using a computer as the instructor on the other side makes this a solo adventure! In other words, you can get most of the benefits of a professional training you. But at low cost, on your own time, at your own pace.

But here’s the thing, you have to put in the work. It’s sweat equity. Discipline. Just like everything good in life. This is the way …

What does that mean to JetsonHacks?

For JetsonHacks, that means that you will see more videos about ChatGPT. Along with the same type of Jetson related content we’ve been doing over the years. We will also be adding more AI content, as I think we’ve been to light in that area. It’s additive, not subtractive. We will move towards putting ChatGPT into our work flow. We’ll explore how to use it in Jetson development. The idea is to share the process. The bar will be getting higher for everyone.


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