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JetPack 4.0 Developers Preview

NVIDIA has announced that a developer preview early access release for JetPack 4.0 is now available. This release is to support the new Jetson Xavier Developer Kit. We reproduce the original announcement, known as the good bits, here for your convenience. Here is the original link.

JetPack 4.0 Developer Preview EA components

  • L4T R31.0.1
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS aarch64
  • CUDA 10.0
  • cuDNN 7.3
  • TensorRT 5.0 RC
  • VisionWorks 1.6
  • OpenCV 3.3.1

Release Highlights

  • Initial Linux BSP support for Jetson Xavier with L4T R31.0.1
  • Support for Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04 on the host
  • Support for Ubuntu 18.04 on the target (Unity desktop is kept as default for this release)
  • TensorRT 5.0 support for GPU INT8, and CUDA HMMA/IMMA Tensor Core operations
  • TensorRT 5.0 initial EA support for DLA FP16

Note: JetPack 4.0 Developer Preview EA is intended for developers to immediately get started prototyping their applications with Jetson Xavier, and is not a production release. NVIDIA will provide future updates to JetPack for Jetson Xavier with additional feature enhancements and performance improvements. Please refer to the JetPack Release Notes for more information.


Download JetPack…
Release Notes……….
L4T Release Notes…
L4T R31.0.1 Page…..



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    1. Not quite sure what you mean by “work”. The software stack in JetPack 4.0 DP is used to install L4T 31 and the SDKs and packages mentioned above on to a Jetson Xavier. The software stack for the Jetson TX2 has not changed, and can still be installed using JetPack 3.3.

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