Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars

The course MIT 6.S094: Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars is currently in session. Course instructor Dr. Lex Fridman states that “Our goal is to release 1 lecture every other day until all 20 lectures and guest talks are out. It’s important to me to make this course free and open to everyone.”

Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars

Here’s the course blurb:

This class is an introduction to the practice of deep learning through the applied theme of building a self-driving car. It is open to beginners and is designed for those who are new to machine learning, but it can also benefit advanced researchers in the field looking for a practical overview of deep learning methods and their application.

The best part is that the slides and lecture videos are online, usually available a few days after the lecture is given. Here’s the playlist:

The playlist is on YouTube.

If you’re interested in deep learning and self-driving cars, go to the website and check it out! It’s worth grabbing the slides as you watch the lectures.

Artificial General Intelligence

Another class being taught by Dr. Fridman right now is MIT 6.S099: Artificial General Intelligence. Here’s the class blurb:

This class takes an engineering approach to exploring possible research paths toward building human-level intelligence. The lectures will introduce our current understanding of computational intelligence and ways in which strong AI could possibly be achieved, with insights from deep learning, reinforcement learning, computational neuroscience, robotics, cognitive modeling, psychology, and more. Additional topics will include AI safety and ethics. Projects will seek to build intuition about the limitations of state-of-the-art machine learning approaches and how those limitations may be overcome. The course will include several guest talks. Listeners are welcome.

Here’s the video playlist:

The playlist is on YouTube.

This is well worth the time investment if either of these areas interest you.


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