ARM Board Comparison – NVIDIA Jetson TX2

For some “weekend benchmarking fun” Michael Larabel over at Phoenix did an ARM board comparison which included the new Jetson TX2. Here’s the link: Benchmarks Of Many ARM Boards From The Raspberry Pi To NVIDIA Jetson TX2

ARM Board Comparison -

The comparison looks at the CPU performance ranging from cheap ~$10 ARM SBCs to the Raspberry Pi to the Jetson TX1 and Jetson TX2.

Not surprisingly, the Jetson TX2 has a major performance advantage over the (much) less expensive competitors, but the interesting thing to note is the performance gains that have happened in this market over the last 3 years. Another thing to note is that none of the tests use the GPU, so this is strictly testing the CPU side.

There should be some upcoming tests against more capable x86 architecture machines, so it will be interesting to see the results there. Worth the read.


  1. Ask an another queston, I have a jetson tx2,and I want to connect my xbox360 controller to tx2,but the ls /dev/input can’t recognize the input, the lsusb can recognize the device.
    However, my xbox360 joystick works well in my jetson tx1 and my laptop’s ubuntu. What do you think the question is ?
    I have installed joystick-drivers.

  2. I don’t know anything about the XBOX 360 controller. One of the differences between the TX1 and the TX2 is that the TX1 includes a TTY ACM driver, the TX2 does not. That would be my guess.

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