JetPack 2.3 Development Tools Released – NVIDIA Jetson Development Kits

JetPack 2.3 for the NVIDIA Jetson Development Kits is now out in the wild! JetPack 2.3 is available here.



JetPack is an on-demand package which installs all of the software tools required to develop on Jetson Development Kits. The JetPack installer includes host and target development tools, APIs and packages to enable developers full access to the Jetson Embedded Platform. JetPack runs on an Ubuntu 14.04 PC based host machine.

Major Features

The JetPack 2.3 release supports the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit, running 64-bit Linux for Tegra (L4T) 24.2 operating system (which is derived from Ubuntu 16.04) . JetPack 2.3 also supports the Jetson TK1 Developer Kit, running 32-bit L4T 21.5. In particular, many upgrades and features are added to the TX1. In addition to upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04, existing packages have been significantly upgraded and a GPU Inference Engine, called TensorRT, is now available.


TensorRT is a deep learning inference engine which can double the performance of applications such as image processing, object detection, and segmentation on trained neural networks which support the prototxt model format.

cuDNN 5.1

cuDNN provides a CUDA accelerated library for deep learning that includes standard routines for convolutions, activation functions and tensor transformations. cuDNN includes support for LSTM (long short-term memory), and other types of recurrent neural networks.

CUDA 8.0

The CUDA NVCC CUDA compiler now achieves a 2x faster compilation time. Support for cuBLAS and nvGRAPH is now available.

Multimedia API

Access to a low-level Camera API and V4L2 API have been improved for L4T 24.2


Again, you’re sitting here reading this when you can be installing new goodness? Go and get it!

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