Coming back from hiatus …

Just a programming note, Jetsonhacks is coming back from spring hiatus within the next few days.

Over the last few weeks, next seasons projects have beens shaping up nicely. There has been a very interesting development in RGBD sensing (3D vision) that we’ll show how to bring to the Jetson platform. Also, we’ll be working on a couple of projects.

We’ll continue work on the Jetson RACECAR project which should be lots of fun. There are a couple of versions of this concept out there now. The MIT version that we’ve been discussing, and one from a new group that we haven’t discussed here yet, the University of Pennsylvania. The University of Pennsylvania is using a similar teaching model to that of MIT with the car hardware and software being open source, and the lectures and course material being freely available on the web. We’ll look at the differences between the two designs, and apply what we learn to building one of our own.

Let’s wait a while to reveal the second project, need to build up a little suspense. At this point in time, let’s stick with “It should be interesting. It will amaze your friends, and confuse your enemies”.

One change that is being made here on the website is the addition of an editorial category. The editorial category will not be limited to Jetson only information, but rather observations about systems and software. I’ll also share some material that I have found inspiring over the years. I’d like to think entering into this that the editorials won’t strictly be rants 😉

Stay tuned!



  1. This is really a good news. I was a bit concerned that once i bought my Traxxas racecar there was no updates on the MIT course page (i guess it not working anymore) as well as from you. The above words from you really made me happy that I can now look forward building my autonomous race car soon.

  2. Just re-checked there site, seems like they have uploaded all the materials to GIT hub . But very difficult to follow as an outsider. Hope your lectures, videos and demos make it a easy to follow. Also request you to please dedicate one lecture if possible on how to create the map of the environment which the car uses to localize .

  3. Thanks Jim, really glad you are back in action and I’m looking forward to watch the Jetson RACECAR series and learn something along the way..

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