Linux for Tegra 23.2 for Jetson TX1 released

NVIDIA has announced that Linux for Tegra 23.2 (L4T) has been released for the Jetson TX1 Development Kit.

Linux for Tegra R23.2 is a maintenance release for the Jetson TX1, the Jetpack 2.1 installer is available here: As usual, each of the different pieces of the install are available a la cart, and is available here:

The Release Notes provides interesting reading:

CPU maximum operating frequency has been adjusted lower from the preliminary value in prior software releases to enable operation of 24×7 and 4/4/16 duty cycles (personalities) for the specified operating life of the Jetson TX1 module.

There are 24 issue fixes since the last release, including adding V4L2 support for the onboard camera. This should make using the camera much easier with packages such as OpenCV. Another included fix is removing excessive overhead when starting the CUDA kernel.

Well worth downloading and installing!

L4T 23.2 Released
L4T 23.2 Released

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