NVIDIA Jetson Partner Stories

Videos about several of the Jetson Partner Stories were released during the introduction of the Jetson TX1 Development Kit. In case they were lost a little in the rollout and you didn’t get a chance to see them, here they are with a little discussion.

NVIDIA Jetson Partner Stories

MIT and the Autonomous Racecar

If you remember a while back we did an article on MIT RACECAR Walkthrough which showed on of the projects that MIT was working on last year with the Jetson. The video also shows another project, an autonomous tricycle wandering around campus along with the start of the next gen RACECAR development. Looky here:

Jibo Makes Its Robot More Social with the Jetson Platform

Another outgrowth of MIT research comes from the company Jibo. The Jibo robot is the result of work done at the MIT Media Lab by Jibo founder Cynthia Breazeal. At the heart of Jibo is a Tegra processor which provides all of the high level support functions for the robot. This is an intriguing premise, and Jibo seems absolutely enchanted. Looky here:

Stereolabs Brings Advanced Computer Vision Capabilities to 3D Mapping

Stereolabs has been working on bringing 3D mapping through stereoscopic vision. By combining their ZED camera with a Jetson, the promise of a small form factor 3D mapping system has become a reality. Looky here:

Kespry Uses Jetson TX1 Supercomputer to Improve Industrial Asset Tracking Capabilities

The Kespry Drone prototype provides an intriguing look to the immediate future of being able to use vision processing on a drone to classify vehicles and identify assets. This prototype appears to use VisionWorks, the newly available NVIDIA implementation of the OpenVX vision library to help identify construction vehicles. This is a real world, practical demonstration of what Jetson based vision processing can provide to developers. Looky here:


I thought that the videos were all quite interesting, and beautifully shot. Certainly worth a few minutes of time to get a feel for what some of the more advanced users are thinking about when using Jetson technology.

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