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Bruce the Shark and Mr. Fire Extinguisher.
Bruce the Shark (with head mounted laser) and Mr. Fire Extinguisher

When JetsonHacks started about 18 months ago, I was happy to just post some articles and videos out there and have people read and look at them. First and foremost, thank you for reading the articles and watching the videos to make the site a success!

To give you a sense of scale, the website has been getting around 12,000 views a month, growing about 10 percent a month. Currently there are 130 articles exclusively devoted to the NVIDIA Jetson Development Kit, Tegra TK1, and closely associated subjects. The associated JetsonHacks YouTube channel has over 100 videos, 120K views and more than 650 subscribers as of this writing. The JetsonHacks Twitter channel has tweeted 301 times, mostly about website related posts. The JetsonHacks Github repository now has 40 Jetson related source code repositories, along with 25 gists for helping with various tasks.

While just throwing content out there and having people sift and sort their way through it has kinda sorta worked, I thought it was about high time to step up the game. Over the last few I have been working behind the scenes to organize the website to make it more useable. It’s still a work in progress, wandering through the site you’ll find missing feature images and such but be assured that the whip is out to get everything cleaned up in the next few days. Everything is still here, though it might be hiding a little.

One of the things that was driving me nuts about the site is how hard it was to find any given article. The ‘ARCHIVES’ page should help with that, along with a ‘SITEMAP’, both of which are available on the main menu bar. Also, loading all of the articles with the associated YouTube videos and such took quite a bit of time. So to ease things up, each article is summarized when displayed in a list. Clicking on the summary brings you to the article itself. People mostly come in through the search engines and links directly to the articles, but hopefully this helps.

One of the things that people have been nice enough not to point out is that the site itself was fugly. It’s one of those things, like a man with his zipper down or someone with something between their teeth. You have to have a certain familiarity with the person before pointing out the obvious. Hopefully this redesign fixes the fugly factor of the site to just barely above tolerable levels. After all, the site shouldn’t be known just for good looks; it detracts from the content.

The next couple of months are bringing a whole bunch of changes here at JetsonHacks. The site redesign is just the first step towards a much more interesting experience here. I hope you’ll stick with me while we get over this small bump, and I’ll make sure that there’s something interesting on the other side.


Jim Benson (aka kangalow)


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