3D Printed Case – NVIDIA Jetson TK1

NVIDIA Jetson Forum member Tonyvr has designed a 3D printed enclosure for the Jetson TK1. Tonyvr has made the plans available for download. Here are some pics:


The plans include the the STL files you’ll need to 3D print. The size of the largest print you’ll have to make is 5.5″ (138 mm) which most consumer 3D printers are capable of handling. The case will hold not only the Jetson, but also a 2.5″ SATA drive (like a SSD) with enough extra room to add an extra circuit board of your own design.

The case also features external Power, Reset and Force Recovery buttons mounted on the case, along with power and disk access LEDS. The instructions for assembly gives the part numbers for all of the wire and electronic bits and pieces to put the case together.

Tonyvr also included the STEP design files for the case parts and the PCB so that you can hack away and create something new.

Go download the instructions and files, and start making!

Note: This information was taken from the NVIDIA Jetson Forum.


  1. I have had problems with warping and shrinkage of the bottom and top pieces. Any ideas? The end pieces look great. Would you recommend a commercial printing service?

  2. Can you post on the case for Jetson TX1 also.
    Opinion about the 3d Case & Acrylic Enclosure for NVIDIA Jetson TX1; which suits best & less expensive for a student budget.
    As, i want to 3d print at the university.

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