Jetson TK1 SSD Installation

Being a new development board, I’ve been a little leery to add peripherals that require driver support. In part, this was due to my first experiences trying to get wireless devices running with the board upon first arrival. It took a few months before people figured the Linux kernel magic that needed to take place to get wireless up and running.

However, I’ve been doing most of my work off of a 64GB USB flash drive. Combined with a relatively slow machine, I thought that if I could get a faster hard drive the whole system would feel a little snappier. So I decided to take a chance …

I searched the Nvidia forums to locate people that had issues with installation of solid state drives. There was little information to be found. As you see in the video, the reason for this is that you plug in the SSD and it just flat out works! Hardware SSD installation takes only a few minutes, and a just a little bit more time to format the disk.

In this case, I installed a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E250B/AM) that I ordered off of Amazon. Rather than bore people with the benchmarks, I’ll just say that it seems like a completely different experience and makes development much more pleasant.

Oh, and I’ve introduced my fire extinguisher.


  1. Jim, there must be a story behind Mr. Fire Extinguisher, no? I don’t find it on your site.
    My son has a shark like yours but with his mouth closed. We got it from the museum at Morro Bay. He first picked up one with teeth, then changed his mind and replaced it with the closed mouth model. Both boys love that shark!

    • With the shark, what’s not to like? Everyone loves sharks, they even devote weeks to them on TV.

      The fire extinguisher story is pretty simple. In high school when I was taking chemistry there always seemed to be a fire breaking out around my little station. After a while, the teacher handed me a fire extinguisher and said that I might want to consider making it my friend.

      When I was taking chemistry on college, I learned that was probably pretty sage advice as a lot of my “experiments” went down in flames. In college, of course, the chemicals are much more serious so I have to say I was running a bit scared part of the time. That and the open flames on the bunsen burners …

      When filming, Mr. Fire Extinguisher has a stunt double for some of the more risky stunts …

  2. Solved. It was an issue with a defective SATA cable ( it was bent in more than 90 degrees angles when it arrived), replaced the cable and got over 200Mbs. Thanks for your help and keep the good videos coming.

  3. Hi I watched the video and did exactly like you. But the SSD is not showing in the Disks window. Any idea what’s going on here ?

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