Operating System

Build TX1 Kernel and Modules – NVIDIA Jetson TX1

September 28, 2016 kangalow 22

Note: This article is for an older version of L4T 24.2.1. A newer version of this article is now available. Please see: Build Kernel for Jetson TX1 . In this article, we cover building a kernel onboard the NVIDIA Jetson TX1. Looky here: Background and Motivation Note: This article is Read more …

Jetson Development Kit controlling a ESC on a TRAXXAS Rally car

Jetson RACECAR Part 3 – ESC Motor Controller

January 26, 2016 kangalow 17

In the third part of our Jetson RACECAR build series, we are working through controlling the ESC motor controller. Looky here: Background In an R/C car such as the TRAXXAS Rally that we’re using in this project, servo motors and the drive motor Electronic Speed Ccontroller (ESC) are controlled by Read more …

Traxxas Rally Chassis

Jetson RACECAR Build – Part 1 – Traxxas Rally Unboxing

January 18, 2016 kangalow 15

This is the first of a multi-part series on building a Rapid Autonomous Complex-Environment Competing Ackermann-steering Robot, or RACECAR, based on a NVIDIA Jetson Development Kit and Traxxas Rally Remote Controlled car chassis. In this first installment, we unbox the Traxxas Rally and outline some of the first tasks that Read more …

Controlling two servos with an IMU on the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Development Kit.

IMU and PWM Driver over I2C for NVIDIA Jetson TX1

January 11, 2016 kangalow 22

Another couple of devices that will be needed for upcoming projects on the Jetson TX1 Development Kit are an IMU and a PWM driver for servo control. These devices can be interfaced over I2C. Looky here: Background We have covered using the Bosch IMU BNO055 under ROS and the PWM/Servo Read more …


Using Code::Blocks on Jetson

January 9, 2016 Neil Johnson 6

Jetsonhacks himself has been kind enough to let a fellow jetsonhacker have a hand at adding some blog posts…so here goes.  I’ll just do a real quick intro of myself: My name is Neil, and I like the Jetson.  Good enough?  Okay, let’s move on to the topic at hand: Read more …

Interfacing GPIO on the Jetson TX1 with a breadboard

GPIO Interfacing – NVIDIA Jetson TX1

December 29, 2015 kangalow 42

Interfacing with the Jetson TX1 GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) subsystem can be accomplished with a small “C” programming language library and knowledge of the J21 expansion header. Looky here: Background In a previous JetsonHacks article GPIO Interfacing – NVIDIA Jetson TK1, we covered how to interface with the Jetson TK1 Read more …

Using the JetsonHacks script to install Caffe.

Caffe Deep Learning Framework – NVIDIA Jetson TX1

December 7, 2015 kangalow 20

Note: This article has been updated to use Caffe with cuDNN. cuDNN is a NVIDIA provided GPU-accelerated library for deep neural networks which can more than double performance. For 64-bit L4T please visit: 64-bit Caffe. For 32-bit L4T please visit: 32-bit Caffe. In an earlier article on running the Caffe Read more …


NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Module Connector

November 13, 2015 kangalow 5

I received an email asking what the Jetson TX1 Module Connector that links the module to the carrier board looks like. Looky here: TX1 Module The Jetson TX1 Development Kit has a module/carrier board architecture. The TX1 Module is a credit card sized 1 TFLOP capable computer with heat sinks Read more …


NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Development Kit

November 10, 2015 kangalow 10

Today NVIDIA announced a new product, the Jetson TX1 Development Kit. I received a model to review. The NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Development Kit can be ordered from Amazon here. Looky here: Jetson TX1 Overview The Jetson TX1 is the big brother to the Jetson TK1 Development Kit. The Jetson TX1 Read more …