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Simba 2 - Team ISF Löwen
Daniel Bräckelmann from Team ISF Löwen recently shared details of their vehicle used in the Carolo-Cup challenge earlier this month. Simba 2 won the hardest challenge of the competition, the […]
I recently finished reading Programming Robots with ROS: A Practical Introduction to the Robot Operating System by Quigley, Gerkey and Smart. It is one of the O’Reilly books, for which […]
Titled “Everything You Need To Know About The NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Performance“, Michael Larabel over at Phoronix has just published a set of benchmarks for the Jetson TX1 Development Kit. […]
Makers can now take advantage of a special offer from NVIDIA to the Make: community. Money quote: Supercomputers used to cost millions. Not so much anymore. Now it’s possible for […]
DJI, a world leader in creative aerial technology announced the launch of DJI Mainfold, a high performance embedded computer designed for flight. The Manifold is base on the NVIDIA Tegra […]
The folks over at Point Grey put up a video on how to connect their Point Grey USB3 / GigE cameras up to the Jetson. Looky here: Point Grey makes […]
Have you wondered how to connect to the Jetson TK1 J3 headers in a more permanent fashion? One way to do that is to build a board, the Jetson TK1 […]
Here’s an interesting paper: Power, Energy and Speed of Embedded and Server Multi-Cores applied to Distributed Simulation of Spiking Neural Networks: ARM in NVIDIA Tegra vs Intel Xeon quad-cores by […]
Back in January of 2015, MIT offered a class called RACECAR (Rapid Autonomous Complex-Environment Competing Ackermann-steering Robot). The class outline: We will design and implement perception and planning algorithms for […]
The research paper An Empirical Evaluation of Deep Learning on Highway Driving was recently published by researchers from Stanford University, Twitter, Texas Instruments and Baidu. One of the authors is […]


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