In Practice: USB Cameras on Jetson

February 2, 2022 kangalow 8

The new “In Practice” series takes an in depth look on how to work with the Jetson with developer tools and external hardware. In this article we are working with USB Cameras. Looky here: In a previous article, “In Depth: Cameras” we discussed how digital cameras work. Here, we will Read more …


Python Code Cleaning – GUI GStreamer Inspector

December 9, 2021 kangalow 0

A while back, we wrote a Python software sketch that implements a GUI for inspecting GStreamer plugins and features. Let’s revisit the code, and clean it up! Looky here: Introduction There are many ways to develop software. One interesting thing that I notice is that once many people learn to Read more …


GStreamer Inspector GUI

November 8, 2021 kangalow 0

Introduction GStreamer is useful for handling media components on the NVIDIA Jetsons. This is the main way to handle video sources, such as cameras and video files. It’s nice to have a GUI to inspect GStreamer components. Here’s a sample: on how one might do just that. GStreamer uses Read more …

OpenCV 4 on Jetson Nano

OpenCV 4 + CUDA on Jetson Nano

November 22, 2019 kangalow 46

Building OpenCV 4 with CUDA support on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit can be a bit of a chore. Here’s some help. Looky here: Background In an earlier article, 5 Things about OpenCV on Jetson, we discuss some of the reasons which you may want to build OpenCV from Read more …

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GStreamer Network Video Stream and Save to File

October 28, 2014 kangalow 18

In a previous entry, we discussed how to preview webcams. In this article, we’ll discuss a Server which saves both video and audio to a file, and streams video over the network. On the other side of the network, we’ll build a small Client to get the video, decode it Read more …

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GStreamer xvimage

October 16, 2014 kangalow 11

The NVIDIA Jetson TK1 uses Gstreamer as its official multi-media interface. In previous entries we’ve installed two webcams, a Microsoft LifeCam Studio and a Logitech c920. There are several longer range goals with utilizing the webcams, but first up is to show them on the screen. Here’s the video of Read more …