Intel RealSense Package for ROS on NVIDIA Jetson TX

RealSense 2 for ROS

RealSense 2 for ROS

Intel provides an open source ROS Package for their RealSense D400 series cameras. Here we install the package on a NVIDIA Jetson TX development kit. Looky here:


The RealSense D400 cameras are the next generation of the Intel RealSense camera product line. In the video, we install a ROS driver for a RealSense D435 camera, a device well suited towards robotic applications. The size of the D435, along with convenient mounting options, provide for a nice mechanical packaging solution for adding a RGBD camera to your project.


There are two prerequisites for installing the RealSense ROS package on the Jetson. The first is to install the librealsense 2 camera driver library on the Jetson. We cover the procedure in this article: Install Intel RealSense D400 camera driver.

The second prerequisite is to install Robot Operating System (ROS). A short article Robot Operating System (ROS) on NVIDIA Jetson TX Development Kits is available.

Install RealSense Package for ROS

There is a convenience script to install the RealSense ROS package on the JetsonHacks account on Github called installRealSense2ROSTX.

After the prerequisites above are installed:

$ git clone
$ cd installRealSense2ROSTX
$ ./installRealSense2ROSTX

Where catkin workplace name is the name of the catkin_workspace to place the RealSense ROS package. If the workspace name is not specified, the installation takes place in the default catkin workspace name, catkin_ws.

The install script works with either a Jetson TX1 or a Jetson TX2.

There are several launch files available. Please refer to the Intel-ROS RealSense repository on Github for examples.


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