Thinking about building an autonomous 1/10 scale vehicle? RACECAR/J is derived from the MIT RACECAR, an “open-source powerful platform for robotics research and education”. Here on JetsonHacks we have assembly guides, software installation tutorials and as time goes on the library of information will continue to grow. On this page, we have links to the various articles about RACECAR/J gathered into one convenient spot.


The RACECAR/J Store:

At the RACECAR/J Store you can buy complete kits and parts to build your own RACECAR/J (Currently shipping to the USA only). There are currently two different configurations available. The first configuration is built around the MIT RACECAR 2.5 specification. The second configuration is oriented towards people who want to experiment with different sensor configurations.

Here’s a list of articles about RACECAR/J here on JetsonHacks:

Hardware Assembly

Software Installation



This list will grow over time. There are currently articles in progress for electronics battery selection and wiring, adding a webcam, and adding an Intel RealSense D435 to the RACECAR. Of course, once we have the hardware running, we will start the programming series. Along with covering special events!

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