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For the vision projects that I’m getting ready to do, I’ll need video streams. There are several ways to get video, but one of the most inexpensive is a webcam. […]
Porting to a new platform is rarely easy. The steps are pretty straightforward, but all the niggles add up to make it easy to fiddle away the better part of […]
Installation of the Occipital Structure Sensor on the Jetson TK1
The video shows the unboxing and installation of the Structure Sensor to the Jetson TK1 development kit. You can find out more about the Structure Sensor here: Structure. So why […]
This is the second progress video about the port of openFrameworks to the Jetson. The demonstration sketch shows that most of the OpenGL issues have been sorted out. Also, this […]
I’ve been working on porting openFrameworks to the Jetson platform. This video is a bookmark as to the progress. Looky here: Using the ofxKinect add-on, the demo shows the ‘Kinect […]
Connecting a Microsoft Kinect to NVIDIA Jetson TK1 The video describes connecting a Microsoft Kinect to the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 Development Kit. The Kinect provides 3D depth information about a […]


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