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A while back, we wrote a Python software sketch that implements a GUI for inspecting GStreamer plugins and features. Let’s revisit the code, and clean it up! Looky here: Introduction […]
When recently setting up a Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit to boot from a SSD, we needed to figure out what packages to install on top of the default Ubuntu […]
The new B01 revision of the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Development Kit adds another MIPI-CSI camera connector. Looky here: Background We previously wrote up how to use the Raspberry Pi Version […]
Exactly what is programming again? We’ve been discussing some programming languages, and some assumptions about what programming should be like today. Back in the 1973 Bret Victor gave a seminal […]
In Part I of our Go (Golang) discussion, we went over why Go might be a good programming language for embedded systems. It is certainly worth you time to go […]
The Go programming language (sometimes called Golang) is a modern programming language which aims to “make it easy to build simple, reliable and efficient software”. Background As we discussed in […]
In Part III of this series, we discussed how the Unix kernel came to life using the C programming language, and a little bit of the genesis of the kernel. […]
In Part II of our discussion about programming, we talked about when some of the more popular programming languages came into existence, and how people used them. In this part […]
In our previous discussion about programming, we discussed what the target development environments were like 10 years ago. Desktops were generally programmed using C# on Windows PCs, and the Macintosh […]
Over the last couple of years, I have been thinking and reflecting on programming languages and environments. Programming as a skill (or art depending on how you view such things) […]


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