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There are several different ways to power your NVIDIA Jetson Developer Kit using a battery. Let’s go over some of the more popular. Looky here: Background After working on several […]
With the advent of L4T 28.2, we freshened up the ROS installers for the Jetson TX1 and Jetson TX2. Looky here: Background In a previous article, Robot Operating System (ROS) […]
Have you experienced plugging in a USB device, and the Jetson not recognizing it? Sometimes all you need is the right USB to Serial Convert Kernel Module! Looky here: Background […]
A USB ttyACM device cannot be accessed on a stock L4T 28.1 installation. In this article, we cover installation of a prebuilt cdc-acm module on the NVIDIA Jetson Dev Kits […]
The last few articles we’ve been building TensorFlow packages which support Python. The packages are now in a Github repository, so we can install TensorFlow without having to build it […]
Note: This article has been deprecated. Please see: Build TensorFlow on NVIDIA Jetson TX Development Kits In this article, we will build TensorFlow v1.3.0 on the Jetson TX1 running L4T […]
Note: This article has been superseded. Please see Build OpenCV 3.4 with CUDA on NVIDIA Jetson TX1. With the deprecation of OpenCV4Tegra in L4T 28.1, developers may want to build […]
Ever wonder which L4T version is running on your NVIDIA Jetson Development Kit? There’s a script for that! Looky here: Background If you are a newcomer to the Jetson, some […]
Intel RealSense cameras can use an open source library called librealsense as a driver for the Jetson TX1 and TX2 development kits. Looky here: Background With the release of L4T […]
Note: This article has been superseded. Please see: Build Kernel and Modules – NVIDIA Jetson TX1. In this article, we cover building the kernel and modules for the NVIDIA Jetson […]


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