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Jetson TX1 USB Drive
This is a the second in a series of short articles about running the Jetson TX1 from external storage. This article discusses copying the contents of the internal flash memory […]
In the previous article on the LIDAR on a Chip, some folks asked if it is possible to run the chip outdoors. Looky here: This is just a short article […]
ST Microelectronics recently introduced an inexpensive single chip time of flight sensor. The VL53L0X can be interfaced to a Jetson Development Kit (either TX1 or TK1) over I2C. Looky here: […]
In some earlier articles, we installed the Bosch BNO055 on both the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 and Jetson TX1 development kits. However, the explanation for installation on the Jetson TK1 was […]
Another couple of devices that will be needed for upcoming projects on the Jetson TX1 Development Kit are an IMU and a PWM driver for servo control. These devices can […]
Interfacing with the Jetson TX1 GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) subsystem can be accomplished with a small “C” programming language library and knowledge of the J21 expansion header. Looky here: Background […]
Interfacing with GPIO/I2C on the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Development Kit is slightly different than it’s little brother, the Jetson TK1. This is mainly because the GPIO header is physically different […]
I received an email asking what the Jetson TX1 Module Connector that links the module to the carrier board looks like. Looky here: TX1 Module The Jetson TX1 Development Kit […]
LIDAR-Lite is a laser ranging module from Pulsed Light, Inc. which is a lightweight and cost effective measurement device. LIDAR-Lite can be accessed over I2C or PWM. The JetsonHacks Github […]
Ultrasonic Distance Sensors, like the HC-SR04, are an inexpensive way to measure distance from the Jetson TK1. Looky here: Background Echo location is used by echolocating animals, such as bats […]


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