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Jim's Shelf of Books, Ideas and Other Curiosities

As the years go by, the number of books that I have read really starts adding up. Some books are for fun, others are for work. I read some books to help expand my horizons. It always seem that I have a pile of books that I want to read, but have not gotten around to yet.

There are certain books that speak to me, or have a profound message that I think is worth sharing. I may disagree with them in many respects, but perspective is worth IQ points.

Here is where I will share some of the more interesting books with a quick summary and any major take aways that I believe would benefit other people. To be clear, these are books that I have read, and recommend.

Some of these books may not be related to computers or even technology. However, that’s kinda the point! 

I will also share links to articles and websites that I feel are particularly insightful, along with the occasional video or three. These will be on The Idea Shelf.

To be clear, these are books, ideas and other curiosities with the intent of delivering professional improvement. There are technical ideas to expound on. There are also tools that can help improve your work flow. These tools improve your personal skill set. Time management, marketing and sales knowledge, engineering, and so on. The more skills you have, the better you prepare for the inevitable: change. And change is where the future lives!

The Book Shelf

“The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer” by Neal Stephenson is a science fiction book which contains ideas that I have kept in the back of my mind for […]
Atomic Habits by James Clear states an interesting premise. We all feel that we are what we do. And what we do is mostly the result of habits that we […]
“Show Your Work!” is built on an interesting premise. One of the main take aways is that you can leverage social networks by sharing your creative work flow. Many people […]

The Idea Shelf

The Bret Victor website, is the most fascinating gathering of technology centric material and ideas I have seen. Think of this website as a new medium. The website is […]
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