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Jetson AI Labs – Generative AI Playground

The NVIDIA Jetson Generative AI Lab is a great place to learn about and explore generative AI resources for Jetson. Looky here:

The NVIDIA Developer blog has a quite wonderful article about the contents of the Jetson Generative AI Lab. The article is “Bringing Generative AI to Life with NVIDIA Jetson“. The article covers the resources available on the website including benchmarks, tutorials, community articles and technical tips.

Most of the tutorials require a NVIDIA Jetson Orin or Jetson Xavier running JetPack 5. There are lots of fun examples, and worth the time to explore to see where AI is heading on the edge. In the video, we use a NVIDIA AGX Orin 64GB Developer Kit. Take a look!


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  1. Interesting to see the massive lag when answering a question. Presumably the fan is going full speed at this point to cool down the device?

    Do you need an Orin to do the Nvidia Jetson Generative AI lab?

    1. The lag feels about the same as the early ChatGPT 4 implementations. I don’t think that there’s an excessive load on the system, the fan wouldn’t start up until you have been querying for a while. Thanks for reading and watching!

  2. I went through the examples and WOW.
    It seems that Nvidia is just showing us the Tip of the Ice burg when it come to the possibility of the Jetson Orin Line
    Though I am kinda sad to see that CNN’s are being replaced with Vision Transformers

    1. The Jetson group at NVIDIA are turning out the tutorials at quite a rate. It seems like every time they get one done, there’s been another break thru that increases the speed further. It’s difficult to keep up with all the advances. I’m not sure that we know how far the Orins can be pushed yet, it seems like every week something new and exciting comes along that raises the bar.
      Looking forward to see what you can do with it. Thanks for reading!

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