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State of JetsonHacks 2022

Another year has flown by. To be honest, I am not a big fan of 2022. I am not an optimist by nature, but even I feel that the 2020s have been disappointing. 2023 is going to be better!

I want to thank you for your support and taking the time to read and watch JetsonHacks content. There’s almost 40,000 of us now! There are 100s of thousands of views on the videos and articles. That’s a lot!

I’ve kept this quiet, but in 2022 the JetsonHacks publishing empire was digitally attacked by a group of ruffians. Fortunately I was able to repel the invaders. I did the usual stuff, battened down the hatches, raised the mizzen mast, switched ISPs. That sort of thing. Content creation did suffer, but in a battle something has to give!

Due to ongoing component shortages, earlier generation Jetsons devkits were scarce. Most of the parts were going to the Jetson production modules. However, 2022 saw the introduction of the Jetson Orin AGX Developer Kit. This is the new top of the line Jetson with all the bells and whistles one wants on an edge compute device. It is fast! Within the next few months, we will see several variants of the Orin in different form factors and configurations, AGX, NX and Nano.

The Jetson Nano Developer Kits began shipping again December. It feels like the supply chain will be back to normal by the spring of 2023.

Taking a look at the website, you can see the results of hard to get devices:

24 posts were published, a few more than the year before. In part, that was due to the content. Many of the posts were information or announcements, not the usual “here’s how to …” posts. With that said, we’ve dipped under 500K views this year, which means we have to get to work!

JetsonHacks Channel on YouTube

The JetsonHacks YouTube numbers show the same story:

Only 10 videos this year. That’s about the same as the last couple of years. But the number of views have come down significantly. That’s not completely bad, for I have been practicing on making higher production quality videos. Now that the Jetson developer kits are back, we should be able to have much more interesting content.

JetsonHacks Newsletter

New for 2022 is the JetsonHacks Newsletter. This is a publication that is sent by email every few weeks to update folks on Jetson news, some good books to read, and some interesting takes on computing and related technology. Sign up if you want to be one of the cool kids!

The Road Ahead

2023 will be the comeback year for both the Jetson and JetsonHacks. We haven’t had any videos on articles in December here. That’s because even more work is happening behind the scenes. Over the next few months we’ll be rolling out improvements to the JetsonHacks website. The goal, more information, easier to use, and better looking.

Machine learning is a vital part of the Jetson ecosystem. Time to do more of that. The delivery system that the Jetson uses for a lot of this is Docker. Some articles to get up to speed on Docker seem useful.

Hoping that your 2023 is quite swell. Happy New Year!


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  1. Thanks for all you do!

    Please consider a method to allow us to contribute crazy stories, Jetson related article and such to your new newsletter.

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