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JetPack 5.0 Developer Preview Release

The much anticipated JetPack 5.0 Developer Preview (DP) has just landed! JetPack 5.0 DP runs on the Jetson AGX Orin, Jetson AGX Xavier and Jetson Xavier NX. Here’s the official blurb, taken from the NVIDIA Jetson forums:

NVIDIA JetPack 5.0 Developer Preview Announcement

We are pleased to announce the release of JetPack 5.0 Developer Preview. This is a development release with a full compute stack update including CUDA 11.4, as well as Jetson Linux 34.1 with Linux Kernel 5.10, an Ubuntu 20.04 based root file system, a UEFI based bootloader, and OP-TEE as Trusted Execution Environment.

This release supports Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit as well as Jetson AGX Xavier series and Jetson Xavier NX series developer kits and commercial modules.

JetPack 5.0 Developer Preview highlights include:

  • Support for Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit
  • Support to emulate performance of production Jetson Orin NX series and Jetson AGX Orin series modules with Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit
  • LTS Kernel 5.10
  • Ubuntu 20.04 based reference file system
  • OP-TEE Trusted Execution Environment
  • UEFI bootloader
  • Support for NVSCI: Provides utilities for streaming data packets between different applications and for interprocess communication (IPC)
  • New Jetson Power GUI: Tool for monitoring power and thermal status
  • New NVUtils Multimedia buffer management and buffer transformation API
  • NVIDIA Container Runtime no longer mounts user level libraries like CUDA, cuDNN and TensorRT from the host. These will instead need to be installed inside the container.

Please note that JetPack 5.0 Developer Preview is not intended for production use, and has known issues documented in the Jetson Linux release notes 1. Please read the release notes carefully.

JetPack 5.0 Developer Preview components:

  • Jetson Linux 34.1
  • CUDA 11.4.14
  • TensorRT 8.4.0 Early Access
  • cuDNN 8.3.2
  • VPI 2.0
  • OpenCV 4.5.4
  • Vulkan 1.3
  • Nsight Systems 2021.5
  • Nsight Graphics 2021.5
  • Nsight Compute 2021.2.4.1

Please find TensorFlow and PyTorch wheels in Jetson Download Center

Install JetPack 5.0 Developer Preview via Debian package management tool, NVIDIA SDK Manager, or SD card image (for Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit).

The following items will be available shortly (we will add links as accordingly):


NVIDIA notes:

For Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit, note that it must be flashed at least once with SDK Manager or command line tool before the JetPack 5.0 DP SD Card image can be used.


If you have a spare Xavier or Orin (or three) to take this baby for a spin, it should be fun. Remember, this is a developer preview (one of two planned, production release in Q4). Don’t deploy this into your current production environment, but get ready to take advantage of the upcoming features. Check it out!


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