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State of JetsonHacks 2021

The end of another year. In a lot of ways, it felt like 2021 was the sad little brother of 2020. As we head into 2022, it feels like things are beginning to change, and we are getting ready to make up for lost time.

But I know you don’t care about any of that. You want to know how it effects JetsonHacks. First, I want to thank you for being part of the JetsonHacks community, I hope you find everything here to your liking.

This is the article where we talk about what transpired across the vast JetsonHacks media empire. Let’s delve into the numbers and see what we shall see.

As most of you know, there wasn’t as much content published during the course of 2021 compared to previous years. We posted 15 full articles in total.

As you can see, we had 300K visitors viewing 657K pages. This is down somewhat from the previous year, in part because there was less new content. In 2020, 20 articles were posted. This in turn was down from the 960K views in 2019. Does this mean that JetsonHacks is slowly withering away?

What’s the matter with you, why would you even think something like that?

In 2022, we will be releasing more content. People will be excited, and come to their senses and visit ‘Nuff said.

JetsonHacks Channel on YouTube

The decrease in traffic is similar on the JetsonHacks YouTube channel.

We published 10 videos this year on the channel. That’s about the same number published in 2020, but the views are down from 750K to 566K. Is the JetsonHacks YouTube channel dying on the vine?

Look, if you keep thinking like that you should seriously consider where your life is heading. Maybe the ‘rona has broken you. The YouTube channel is doing well. We narrow cast to the Jetson community, we don’t care about the rest of the unwashed masses.

As you know, I have also been doing a regular show on the NVIDIA Developers YouTube channel with some NVIDIA folks, Dusty Franklin and Dana Sheahen:

That’s good for another 8 videos in 2021. I’ve also been doing secret live streams about the Jetson, but they are a secret.

Viewers and Readers around the Globe

Here’s a quick breakdown of the origin of some of the traffic to the media empire:

I always find it amazing how far the reach is for this information.

Going Forward

As we go into 2022, one of the things I want to start practicing is live streaming. Thanks to the support of the channel, we’ve acquired an Atem Mini Pro which is a 4 channel HDMI digitizer. This should make it easier to stream video straight to YouTube. I’m not sure this is the best or easiest way, time will tell. Let me know if you want a review.

NVIDIA has announced the new Jetson Xavier Orin (to start shipping in the March, 2022 time frame) , which promises to be more better than the Jetson Xavier AGX. When we get it in our hot little hands on one, we’ll find out for sure.

One of the areas that we will start looking at more closely is machine/deep learning on the Jetson. I think there are many areas to explore, but one that we should take a look at is DeepStream. There are all sorts of technologies tangled together that provides what NVIDIA calls Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA). I think walking through each part is beneficial. We’ll start with cameras and the Jetson in January. That leads us into GStreamer, and then DeepStream. We’ll probably wander into the more traditional computer vision world at the same time.

Let’s also look at some more peripherals, shall we? Robots too! There has been a lot of new products announced over the last couple of years. Let’s plan to take a look at then some time soon.


2021 be gone! Here’s hoping that 2022 is not quite as “interesting”. Happy New Year!


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