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NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX

Xavier NX! Today NVIDIA announces the Jetson Xavier NX module.

NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX (Image courtesy of NVIDIA)

Xavier NX Overview

The Jetson Xavier NX module is the newest member of the Jetson family of devices. The architecture is similar to the powerful Jetson AGX Xavier. The Xavier NX has a 6 core Carmel ARM CPU, and a 384 core Volta GPU. Also, the Xavier NX has dual NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator (NVDLA) engines.

The Xavier NX contains 8GB of 128 bit memory. There are two power modes, 10W and 15W, with up to 21 TOPS of AI performance. The edge connector for the module is a 260-pin SODIMM edge connector, 70x45mm. You may recognize this as the same connector as the Jetson Nano Developer Kit. The module is compatible with the Jetson Nano Developer Kit! It even runs at 5V.

Yes, but will this dog hunt?

Dustin Franklin wrote a very nice article on the Xavier NX, Introducing Jetson Xavier NX, the World’s Smallest AI Supercomputer. It’s well worth the read.

Not to steal all the thunder, but here’s a performance graph from the article:

Xavier NX performance

As we can see, this slots performance as much higher than the Jetson TX2, and slightly less than the full Jetson AGX Xavier. Yes, this dog will hunt.

The packaging and power requirements means that this Jetson should be able to easily fit in the quickly growing Jetson Nano ecosystem. Why is this important? Because it means that if your project needs more computing horsepower, then there is a straightforward upgrade path to the Jetson NX.

The NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX will be available in March, 2020 for $399 in quantity.

Here are some more NVIDIA links:

Go check it out!

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