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JetsonHacksNano Github Updates

With the release of JetPack 4.2.1, L4T 32.2 is now available for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit. Several of the JetsonHacksNano Github repositories on the JetsonHacksNano account have been updated to support this release.

Note that each of these repositories have associated releases to match the repository with the L4T version. You can find releases under the ‘releases’ tab on the Github repository. For example, a typical naming convention is vL4T32.2

In no particular order, here’s the repositories with updates.


This is a utility repository which aids in building the Linux kernel and modules. Several different repositories use this as the basis to build new kernel images. Note that the intended use is to use the repository scripts to download the kernel source files, compile the kernel, and compile the modules. Use scripts/config to modify the .config file. Because you should be familiar with the Linux kernel make procedures, this is for advanced users only.


The scripts in this repository will setup a NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit to set the rootfs to a USB drive.  See this article: Jetson Nano – Run on USB Drive.


Build and install Intel’s librealsense for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit. This repository can rebuild the Linux if need be to support the Intel RealSense D400x series cameras. Now builds librealsense v2.24.0 and adds support for Python 3.


Install the realsense-ros library on NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit. Installs RealSense ROS Version = 2.2.7, which expects a librealsense v2.24.0 installation.



5 Responses

  1. Hello Jetsonhacks!

    Great work! Will the guides to install Librealsense, RealSenseRos and build Kernals on TX2/Xavier also be updated? Since the nvidia jetpack update (4.2.1) also affected them.


  2. when I flashed a nano to 4.2.1 there was a swap partition setup by the install. I ran the installer without creating a new swap space and the installation worked without running out of memory. wondering why my setup was different from the one you had? why did you not have the swap partition after the flash, or did you deleted the swap partition because of a preference and left that out of your instructions? sorry small difference throw me off.

  3. Hi,
    Will provide a refresh based on new Nano Dev SDK & Intel Realsense SDK?
    Otherwise maybe an article on how your created the patches for the scrip. Both SDK have high velocity of updates. We would love to use the latest code base for ROS based robot.

    Thanks for your great work!

    1. The scripts are meant as guides on how to install the given version. Because of the frequency of changes, it is very difficult to keep them updated. You can modify them to meet your needs.
      Patches in the scripts are derived from the RealSense Github repo. There are no patches given for the 4.9 kernel that the Jetson use, so you have to derive them from later versions of the Linux kernel that Intel supports. Thanks for reading!

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