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Month: June 2018

Install OpenCV from Package
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to package OpenCV into an installable after a build such as in our previous article, Build OpenCV 3.4 with CUDA on Jetson TX2? […]
NVIDIA announces the availability of version 21.7 of L4T for the Jetson TK1 Development Kit, and version L4T 28.2.1 for the Jetson TX2/TX2i Development Kits. Jetson TK1 The L4T 21.7 […]
For OpenCV to use CUDA acceleration on the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 running L4T 28.2 (JetPack 3.2), you will need to build OpenCV from source. Looky here: Background With the latest […]
There is a lot of news in the Jetson world today. I know that a lot of it may be obscured by the big news that the JetsonHacks YouTube Channel […]


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