A Good Article: CSI Cameras on the TX2 (The Easy Way)


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Recently Peter Moran wrote an article titled CSI Cameras on the TX2 (The Easy Way)

Money Quote:

We’re going to look at utilizing the Jetson’s image processing powers and capturing video from the TX2’s own special CSI camera port. Specifically, I’ll show you:

  • Why you’d even want a CSI camera.
  • Where to get a good CSI camera.
  • How to get high resolution, high framerate video off your CSI cameras using gstreamer and the Nvidia multimedia pipeline.
  • How to use that video in OpenCV and ROS.

If you have an interest in CSI cameras on the Jetson Development Kits, the article is well worth the read. It gathers up a lot of the information that is scattered about into one place, and gives an overview and code on how to integrate CSI cameras into your project.


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