A Good Article: CSI Cameras on the TX2 (The Easy Way)

August 30, 2017 kangalow 5

Recently Peter Moran wrote an article titled CSI Cameras on the TX2 (The Easy Way) Money Quote: We’re going to look at utilizing the Jetson’s image processing powers and capturing video from the TX2’s own special CSI camera port. Specifically, I’ll show you: Why you’d even want a CSI camera. Read more …

Mike Boulet @ BWSI Seminar

Mobile Robot Navigation – Localization – Mike Boulet

August 30, 2017 kangalow 1

At a recent MIT/Lincoln Labs 2017 Beaver Works Summer Institute Seminar, Mike Boulet gave a lecture on localization with regards to mobile robot navigation. Looky here: Background There are many parts to mobile robot navigation. As this information is used directly in programming the MIT RACECAR, a NVIDIA Jetson based Read more …

Jetson TX2 Kernel
Jetson TX1

Build Kernel and ttyACM Module – NVIDIA Jetson TX1

August 7, 2017 kangalow 4

Note: This article has been superseded. Please see: Build Kernel and Modules – NVIDIA Jetson TX1. In this article, we cover building the kernel and modules for the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Development Kit onboard the Jetson itself. We also build the ACM module, which allows the Jetson to communicate with Read more …


Develop on SSD – NVIDIA Jetson TX1 and Jetson TX2

August 5, 2017 kangalow 6

Using a SSD as the root directory for development on a Jetson Development Kit provides many advantages, including faster disk times and much more storage. It’s easy to do! Looky here: Background With the advent of L4T 28.1, both the Jetson TX1 and the Jetson TX2 both run the same Read more …