RACECAR/J Build – Chassis

June 26, 2017 kangalow 16

This article marks the start of the prototype RACECAR/J build. RACECAR/J is an 1/10 scale autonomous vehicle. First up, preparing the chassis. Looky here: Background This is the third hardware prototype of the RACECAR on JetsonHacks. The prototype base is the MIT RACECAR, an “open-source powerful platform for robotics research Read more …

Scan Sweep Scanner

Scanse Sweep LIDAR Software Install

June 6, 2017 kangalow 12

UPDATE: The company Scanse.io which produced the Scanse Sweep Scanner has ceased operations as of May, 2018. This article remains here for reference purposes. The newly introduced Scanse Sweep Scanner is an inexpensive 2D LIDAR that is easy to interface with a NVIDIA Jetson Development Kit. Looky here: Background LIDAR Read more …


What is the difference between RACECAR projects?

June 4, 2017 kangalow 10

Reader Fikri asked: Now, I’ve been a while trying to understand RACECAR/J and other similar project out there. Please correct me if my understanding is way off. So, there are 2 different approaches to build this project, first nvidia’s way (end to end learning) like what Tobias did and second Read more …


Get Your Motor Running – VESC – Jetson RACECAR Build

June 1, 2017 kangalow 134

After finishing the installation of the ROS packages on the Jetson RACECAR, we need to program the VESC, an electronic speed controller, for use in the Jetson RACECAR. Looky here: Background As discussed in Part 3 – ESC Motor Controller, the TRAXXAS steering servo and the drive motor Electronic Speed Read more …