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Month: June 2017

This article marks the start of the prototype RACECAR/J build. RACECAR/J is an 1/10 scale autonomous vehicle. First up, preparing the chassis. Looky here: Background This is the third hardware […]
UPDATE: The company which produced the Scanse Sweep Scanner has ceased operations as of May, 2018. This article remains here for reference purposes. The newly introduced Scanse Sweep Scanner […]
Reader Fikri asked: Now, I’ve been a while trying to understand RACECAR/J and other similar project out there. Please correct me if my understanding is way off. So, there are […]
After finishing the installation of the ROS packages on the Jetson RACECAR, we need to program the VESC, an electronic speed controller, for use in the Jetson RACECAR. Looky here: […]


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