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Month: January 2016

Bosch IMU Demo
In some earlier articles, we installed the Bosch BNO055 on both the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 and Jetson TX1 development kits. However, the explanation for installation on the Jetson TK1 was […]
In the third part of our Jetson RACECAR build series, we are working through controlling the ESC motor controller. Looky here: Background In an R/C car such as the TRAXXAS […]
In the first article on the Jetson RACECAR project we described several tasks that need to be completed. The first task on the list that we’ve chosen to work on […]
This is the first of a multi-part series on building a Rapid Autonomous Complex-Environment Competing Ackermann-steering Robot, or RACECAR, based on a NVIDIA Jetson Development Kit and Traxxas Rally Remote […]
Dr. David Cofer over at NeuroRoboticTech has posted an update on the Jetduino Interface Board project for the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 Development Kit. Jetduino Project Update You may remember for […]
Another couple of devices that will be needed for upcoming projects on the Jetson TX1 Development Kit are an IMU and a PWM driver for servo control. These devices can […]
Jetsonhacks himself has been kind enough to let a fellow jetsonhacker have a hand at adding some blog posts…so here goes.  I’ll just do a real quick intro of myself: […]
I recently finished reading Programming Robots with ROS: A Practical Introduction to the Robot Operating System by Quigley, Gerkey and Smart. It is one of the O’Reilly books, for which […]
Jared Langbart from Columbia, Missouri has been working on building a JetsonBot based on the articles posted on JetsonHacks. Background Jared has a degree in Biotechnology and enjoys his work […]


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