Taken from the NVIDIA Partner Story Video about MIT and RACECAR

NVIDIA Jetson Partner Stories

November 25, 2015 kangalow 0

Videos about several of the Jetson Partner Stories were released during the introduction of the Jetson TX1 Development Kit. In case they were lost a little in the rollout and you didn’t get a chance to see them, here they are with a little discussion. NVIDIA Jetson Partner Stories MIT Read more …


DynamixShield Kickstarter Announced

November 18, 2015 kangalow 0

Dr. David Cofer over at NeuroRobotic Technologies has announced a Kickstarter for DynamixShield, an Arduino Due shield that combines support smart servos and plug-in sensors. Looky here: Background As you may recall from earlier articles here on JetsonHacks, Dr. Cofer is an active member of the Jetson community who has Read more …


Phoronix Benchmarks – NVIDIA Jetson TX1

November 16, 2015 kangalow 0

Titled “Everything You Need To Know About The NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Performance“, Michael Larabel over at Phoronix has just published a set of benchmarks for the Jetson TX1 Development Kit. If you’re into benchmarks, the article is certainly worth the read. Money quotes: Simply put, this is the best 64-bit Read more …


NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Module Connector

November 13, 2015 kangalow 5

I received an email asking what the Jetson TX1 Module Connector that links the module to the carrier board looks like. Looky here: TX1 Module The Jetson TX1 Development Kit has a module/carrier board architecture. The TX1 Module is a credit card sized 1 TFLOP capable computer with heat sinks Read more …


NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Development Kit

November 10, 2015 kangalow 10

Today NVIDIA announced a new product, the Jetson TX1 Development Kit. I received a model to review. The NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Development Kit can be ordered from Amazon here. Looky here: Jetson TX1 Overview The Jetson TX1 is the big brother to the Jetson TK1 Development Kit. The Jetson TX1 Read more …


Site Redesign – Pardon the Dust

November 9, 2015 kangalow 2

When JetsonHacks started about 18 months ago, I was happy to just post some articles and videos out there and have people read and look at them. First and foremost, thank you for reading the articles and watching the videos to make the site a success! To give you a Read more …


DJI Launches Computer Designed for Drones

November 3, 2015 kangalow 0

DJI, a world leader in creative aerial technology announced the launch of DJI Mainfold, a high performance embedded computer designed for flight. The Manifold is base on the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor. Here a link to the press release. The Manifold is build around the Tegra K1 processor, the same Read more …