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JetsonBot Part 3 – A Vision Robot with a Create 2 Base – First Assembly

JetsonBot prototype I test drive.

In the previous article, JetsonBot Part II – A Vision Robot with a Create 2 base, two platforms were built to hold the Jetson TK1 and a RGBD camera. Now it is time to do a test assembly. Looky here:
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Lower Platform

On the lower platform, a 4 port USB hub (AmazonBasics 4-Port USB 2.0 Ultra-Mini Hub) is attached to the platform using 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener TB4575 . 3M Dual Lock is an alternative to velcro fastening. In this application, it is useful as there will probably be experimentation with component placement. Dual Lock is strong enough to make sure components don’t wander, but can be removed if the need arises. The cable from the Create 2 base is attached to the USB hub. The hub will be attached to the Jetson, and the RGBD camera will also be attached to the hub.

Next, a platform for the a Venom 20C 3S 2100mAh 11.1 LiPO Battery (available from Amazon) is attached to the platform, and fitted with Traxxas 5722 Battery Straps. The battery will power the Jetson TK1. You can read more about powering the Jetson with a battery Battery Power for NVIDIA Jetson TK1. A Venom Low Voltage Monitor is used to monitor the LiPo battery voltage.

Upper Platform

After attaching the Jetson TK1 to the upper platform on 1/4″ 4-40 standoffs, the upper platform is attached to the lower platform. Next the RGBD camera, an ASUS Xtion Live Pro, is mounted on the camera platform. The USB hub is plugged into the Jetson TK1, and the RGBD camera is plugged into the hub. Ready for a test drive:

After the drive, it’s time to build the second prototype.

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