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JetsonBot Part 2 – A Vision Robot with a Create 2 base

JetsonBot prototype I assembly.

It has been a while since the first entry in this series, Jetson TK1 Create 2 Robot – Part I. Several reasons (maybe excuses is a better term) for that, but probably the major one is that I’ve been working on the software to run the robot. The software is a modified version of the ROS TurtleBot software stack. Oh, and I gave the robot a name: JetsonBot.

Attaching the platforms

The JetsonBot has two platforms that are mounted on top of the iRobot Create 2 base. The platforms are each mounted on 3 inch stainless steel standoffs. There is a video showing how the first platform is connected to the second platform. Looky here:

The platform layout is taken from the original TurtleBot, available at Download TurtleBot 1 Documentation. In the video, you will notice that Brass Heat Set Inserts are used. I ordered them from McMaster Carr: Brass Heat-Set Insert for Plastics Tapered, 4-40 Internal Thread, .219″ Length. The insert provides a place to mount the standoffs. I also used a specially designed soldering iron tip (also available from McMaster Carr), but most soldering irons will probably work.

One of the advantages of using plastic is that is relatively malleable, and that the tolerances do not have to be quite as strict in order to get things lined up. The brass inserts are a neat little solution especially tailored to plastic which allows a connection which is nearly equivalent to the strength of the plastic.

Installing the Jetson on Top Platform

The next step is to install the Jetson TK1 on to the top platform, along with a platform for the RGB3D camera. Looky here:

The Jetson TK1 is mounted in the middle of the platform, and is mounted on 1/4″ 4-40 standoffs that are screwed into Brass Inserts that are placed in the platform. Another platform that is 2″ wide by 8.5″ long made out of 1/4″ ABS is used to mount the RGBD camera. The camera platform is mounted on 3″ 4-40 standoffs screwed into Brass Inserts inset in to the platform where the Jetson is mounted.

Next up, assembling the JetsonBot prototype.

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