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Month: July 2015

Adding a Wireless Access Point - Networking
So far for networking the JetsonBot we’ve been relying on an existing wireless network for communication between the JetsonBot and the Robot Operating Center (ROC). However, there are times when […]
An area of great improvement in the mobile device field over the last several years has been speech recognition. In part, this is due to advances in speech recognition algorithms, […]
The JetsonBot has companion software called the Robot Operating Center (ROC) which is run on a separate computer. The ROC can be run on a traditional laptop or desktop PC, […]
In the first prototype of the JetsonBot, there were two ‘duck’ antennas connected to an Intel 7260 Wireless/BT NIC card installed on the Jetson TK1, which were then taped to […]
The first autonomous demonstration of the JetsonBot shows autonomous following behavior. Looky here: Background In most science fiction settings, robots are autonomous. The most famous movie robots all operate on […]
Teleoperation can be thought of as operating a machine at a distance, similar to the term “remote control”. Let’s look at what it takes to control a JetsonBot with a […]
The software that runs on the JetsonBot Jetson TK1, we will call ‘JetsonBot Robot Software’. Any software that runs remotely from the robots’ Jetson, we will consider to be part […]
The iRobot Create 2 base interfaces with the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 via a serial to USB FTDI converter. Unfortunately, under Linux for Tegra (L4T) release 21.4 the USB FTDI module […]
After taking the JetsonBot out for a demo test drive, it was time for a brief discussion of next steps. Looky here: With the acquisition of some 1/4″ ABS 12.5″ […]
In the previous article, JetsonBot Part II – A Vision Robot with a Create 2 base, two platforms were built to hold the Jetson TK1 and a RGBD camera. Now […]


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