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Community Project – NVIDIA Jetson Robot V2

Apollo Timbers over at Second Robotics has a new and improved version of the NVIDIA Jetson Robot, a robot that is an experimental platform for vision and human interaction. Here’s a glamour shot:
NVIDIA Jetson Robot
Here’s a video of the robot in action:

As an added bonus, here’s a time lapse of the build!

The scanning range finder looks especially happy.

Robot reading recommendation

Looking through the reading list on the Second Robotics site, there are a couple of book recommendations. One I particularly liked:

Robot Builder’s Bonanza, 4th Edition

The book covers a wide range of robotic topics from a very approachable angle. I especially liked how structure and material choices were covered. When getting started in robotics, there is a bewildering array of information that must be sorted through before starting your project. This book helps breakdown and categorize what you really need to know.

Looking forward to seeing more of this project.


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