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DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals 2015 – Day 2

DARPA Robotics Challenge Day 2.

Saturday was the final day of the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals 2015 at the Pomona, California Fairplex. Coverage of the first day’s exhibits is here. There were over 80 exhibitors at the event, as well as the finals challenge. Here’s some video of the exhibit area from Day II. Looky here:
YouTube Poster
There even be more! Looky here:

The second day of the challenge was a little more crowded. It was great to see so many people interested in the robotics field. The booths were filled with the curious, and a lot of youngsters seemed genuinely excited to be around robots.

The finals challenge was more interesting the second day, as some of the intentional wireless communications degradation was less stringent than the previous day. This allowed the operators to communicate and work with the robots much more smoothly. There were three teams that received the complete perfect 8 score. The robot that finished in the shortest time, and thus won the event, was Team Kaist, the entry from the South Korea’s Hubo Lab. Congratulations!

The event is receiving a great amount of media coverage, and the live streams from the event on the DARPA TV provide some great coverage, plus wonderful camera angles of the finalist robot teams competing. You can watch some of the high quality recorded action on the DARPAtv YouTube Channel.

There was also robotic art. Here’s my favorite, an exhibit from the ‘Art of Robotics’:

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