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Install Kinect V2 using libfreenect2 on NVIDIA Jetson TK1

February 26, 2015 kangalow 32

This article has been superseded. Please see: Install Kinect V2 – Part II The article below is for historical purposes only, and does not reflect the current state of the project. Open source drivers (OpenKinect libfreenect2) are available for the Kinect for Windows V2. Most installations are for PC based, Read more …

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Operating System

Post Flash Setup

February 25, 2015 kangalow 11

After flashing a Jetson with stock LT4 21.2 (See Jetpack Installation), there are some setup tweaks that make the system more suitable for desktop use. Looky here: Note: The video and directions on this page have been updated (3-10-15). the directions have changed slightly since this article was first published Read more …

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Kinect V2 with Libfreenect2

February 23, 2015 kangalow 2

Update On April 2nd, Microsoft announced that they are consolidating the Kinect for Windows around a single sensor. They will discontinue “Kinect for Windows V2” described below. However the replacement will be a regular Xbox One Kinect Sensor Bar along with a Kinect Adapter for Windows which will provide a Read more …

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BIDMach – Deep Learning with GPUs

February 18, 2015 kangalow 2

A great article over at the NVIDIA Parallel FORALL blog: BIDMach: Machine Learning at the Limit with GPUs by John Canny over at Berkeley. Introduction: Deep learning has made enormous leaps forward thanks to GPU hardware. But much Big Data analysis is still done with classical methods on sparse data. Read more …


Jetson TK1 Enclosure

February 10, 2015 kangalow 0

Ian King over at Dark Sol Workshop designed and built an enclosure for the Jetson: Go over and check it out on their blog: Dark Sol Workshop: Jetson TK1 Dev Board Enclosure Looks like a pretty sweet build.

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Android – NVIDIA Jetson TK1

February 8, 2015 kangalow 14

Note: Since this article was written, NVIDIA has announced official support for Android on Jetson. See the Jetson Android Announcement on the forum. The instructions in this article relied on a repository that has since been removed, and is here only for historical purposes. There are several commercial products that Read more …

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Format SD Card Ext4 – NVIDIA Jetson TK1

February 7, 2015 kangalow 10

The Jetson TK1 has a SD Card reader. Most Secure Digital (SD) cards come from the factory formatted as ExFat which is the most common format for Windows machines and cameras. For the card to be useful in several situations on the Jetson (like using the card as a boot Read more …