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NVIDIA Jetson TK1 – Sony PlayStation 3 Eye

January 29, 2015 kangalow 3

Several years ago, the Sony PlayStation 3 Eye webcam was the staple of DIY Computer Vision projects. I happened to have several of them lying about from past projects. Here’s a video on how to install the driver and get them running on the Jetson. Looky here: Installation This installation Read more …

Caffe installation with cuDNN

NVIDIA Jetson TK1 – cuDNN install with Caffe example

January 20, 2015 kangalow 34

NVIDIA’s cuDNN is a GPU-accelelerated library of primitives for deep neural networks, which is designed to be integrated into higher-level machine learning frameworks, such as UC Berkeley’s Caffe deep learning framework software. In an earlier blog post, we installed Caffe on a Jetson TK1. Here’s a short video on how Read more …

Installation of Caffe on the Jetson TK1.

NVIDIA Jetson TK1 – Caffe Deep Learning Framework

January 17, 2015 kangalow 7

Back in October 2014, Google’s Pete Warden wrote an interesting article: How to run the Caffe deep learning vision library on Nvidia’s Jetson mobile GPU board. At the time, I thought, “What fun!”. However, I noticed in the article that at the time there were issues with running Caffe on Read more …

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Deep Learning

Facebook AI Research open sources deep-learning CUDA extensions

January 16, 2015 kangalow 0

Facebook AI Research (FAIR) has open sourced Deep Learning CUDA extensions. The extensions are for Torch, a scientific computing framework with wide support for machine learning algorithms. In the Facebook blog announcement, researchers claim a speedup of over 20x compared to the fastest publicly available code when used to train Read more …

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OpenNI2 ASUS Xtion

January 5, 2015 kangalow 6

Walter Lucetti has step by step instructions on how to install OpenNI2 on the Jetson: These instructions are derived from this Jetsonhacks post: Building OpenNI2 for the Structure Sensor from several months back. Enjoy!