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The Heat Sink Chronicles: Redemption?

A few days ago I installed a Enzotech CNB-R1 Heat Sink onto a Jetson TK1. As noted in earlier posts, with the heat sink installed the Jetson tends to run rather hot. While the high temperature exhibited is during heavy load, it’s still a little disconcerting to be within 10°C of tripping the thermal triggers especially when the stock heat sink and fan arrangement runs 40°C cooler.

This brings up a few questions. The first is “Was the heat sink installed correctly?” Only one way to find out, take the heat sink off and look for any signs of trouble. Made a video of that, in fact.

Since taking the heat sink off and reinstalling didn’t produce appreciably different results (the CPU and GPU maxed out at 90°C after 30 minutes, just like the previous install), I think it’s a good guess that the CNB-R1 doesn’t have enough cooling capacity for the application. This isn’t a big surprise, but one can hope.

The first couple of times through this has been fun, but I’m guessing that wears off with the novelty. Not to ruin the surprise, but wasn’t it Yoda that said ‘There is another’?


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