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Month: September 2014

When Dan Ingalls and a group of researchers created the BitBlt routine for the Xerox Alto computer in 1975 at Xerox PARC, that set the stage for the invention of […]
The Logitech c920 webcam is one of the candidates for providing video streams for the Vision and Video project that I am working on. In particular, the c920 is interesting […]
For the vision projects that I’m getting ready to do, I’ll need video streams. There are several ways to get video, but one of the most inexpensive is a webcam. […]
Enzotech CNB-R1 be gone! Bring in the big guns and be done with heat sink fiddlin’. After installing an Enzotech CNB-R1 onto a NVIDIA Jetson TK1, the results were a […]
A few days ago I installed a Enzotech CNB-R1 Heat Sink onto a Jetson TK1. As noted in earlier posts, with the heat sink installed the Jetson tends to run […]
After installing the Enzotech CNB-R1 Northbridge heat sink, I ran a temperature test using the CUDA Smoke Demo. Basically start up the demo, and take temperature readings over the next […]
The NVIDIA Jetson TK1 is a nice development board. With that said, the little CPU fan cooler squeals like a stuck pig. It’s not horrible when you’re in a noisy […]


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